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Nick's Art
I have created SOOOoooo many things over the years - each with a specific purpose and each a work of art that I love in some way. If I didn't enjoy making it - I wouldn't. So its often hard for me to pick out favorites. I tried that with my last incarnation of But this time around, I am baring all. I am going to use this site as my one-stop source for all of the fun artwork I have created over the years. Some has been for friends - kind of joking around. Some have been at the request of the folks involved. Some has just been because... But everything has been in the name of fun and creativity. So, here it is... my art!

I tend to make my art following a set pattern, or a series. At least, they tend to follow along common themes. I have named a few of these series', like the "Bonsai Life" series and my "Inspirational Renderings" series, and have noted them as such. But I have also given headings to some categories below as 'series' for the sake of organization. If you click on the thumbnail, it will launch a new window with the full (web-sized) image, so please allow pop-ups!

My Bonsai Life - Cover My Bonsai Life

The "My Bonsai Life" Series was created in a time of my life when I was trying to find myself. I used these images to help describe little aspects of myself, and to distract me from the hardships I was experiencing. A friend of mine, Aimee, loved my martini image so much that she copied it... immortalizing this series forever. The long and the short of it, though, is that I like to screw with scale... and these were in the direction of small.
The Original Series
My Bonsai Life - Shaken, Not Stirred My Bonsai Life - Artistic Appeal My Bonsai Life - A Perfect Match My Bonsai Life - In A Nutshell My Bonsai Life - Hand Picked My Bonsai Life - Collect Them All! My Bonsai Life - Apres Forking My Bonsai Life - 'Nuff Said
"On The Road"
My Bonsai Life - On The Road - Pebbling at Golthwait My Bonsai Life - On The Road - Axe Master My Bonsai Life - On The Road - Snow Survey My Bonsai Life - On The Road - Snow Wall Climb My Bonsai Life - On The Road - Tree Pose      
The "Action Steglich" Series "The Kitteh Riders of Merrimack Valley" Random Smallness
Original Figurine My Bonsai Life - Action Steglich - Fast and Nice My Bonsai Life - Action Steglich - Extreme Snowboarder My Bonsai Life - The Kitteh Riders of Merrimack Valley - Land Surveyor My Bonsai Life - The Kitteh Riders of Merrimack Valley - Battle Cry!   My Bonsai Life - Random - NickaLicious!  
Larger Than Life - Cover Larger Than Life

After I got done with being small, I revisited my roots - and an image I had made for a Photoshop lecture and a CD cover for my girlfriend at the time... and I became Larger Than Life! These are images I have made of myself as a super-huge-dude. I still prefer being small - there is so much more you can do. But these images are really fun, never-the-less... and so here they are for you to enjoy!
Larger Than Life - Cover Larger Than Life - Gigantnic Larger Than Life - Dollhouse Larger Than Life - Window Washer        
Multiplicity - One Man Party


So - I had been small. I had been big. Normal size was just too obvious. I had to go in multiples of myself. This was the original NickCentric series, but it kind of got away from me. I mean, how many of yourself can you really handle? I can't believe that I actually found the original peice that inspired me to make these - the one of EJ and Cassie, Ej and Cassie, Ej and Cassie, and EJ and Cassie at Rao's.

Multiplicity - One Man Party Multiplicity - Magic Multiplicity - There Can Be Only One! Multiplicity - Yard Work Muliplicity - Coffee at Rao's Multiplicity - Boy Band    
Falsified Documents - Kayla and Zack #1


Seriously? Have Photoshop and quality source images, will make aweosme and totally fake scenarios! I generally make these for friends who have expressed interest in meeting someone famous, or to illustrate some random joke that was made, like that case of the pink lightsaber - apparently, there are no Kyber crystals that generate the pink color... well... not in Shelby's and my world!

Falsified Documents - Kayla and Zack #1 Falsified Documents - Kayla and Zack #2 Falsified Documents - Kayla and Zack #3 Falsified Documents - Mandy and Dan #1 Falsified Documents - Shelby's Pink Saber Falsified Documents - Ricky's Alien Problem    


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