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  Nick's Graphic, Photographic and Animated Series' Nick's Photography - Still Life, Macro, Panoramics, Portraits, Action, Time-Lapse and Generally Artistic Stuff Nick's Favorite Things.  And Not Just A Few!  These Are Nick's Most Favorite Nickmade Items - Series, Animations, Random Photoshopped Pictures, Photography, Music... The Creme de la Creme of Nick. Nick's Music - Yes, That's Right, Nick Makes Music, Too!  Hear Nick Here. Nick's NickCentric Lifestyle - Some Might Think That This Is All About Nick's Ego.  And They'd Be Right! Nick. Nick. Nick, and Nick.  Nick's Things to Live & Die For - The People, Places, Things & All Of The Many Reasons Why Life Is Worth Living For Nick Nick's Favorite Places To Visit Online & Off So many Nicks. so very little time.  Here are some other Nicks on this planet, plus some extraneous Nick Steglich links.
  Nickcentriccity is an unusual thing.  When Nick was faced with the challenge of  explaining how he was eccentric - and Nick IS eccentric - he found it hard to sum up.  So nick put together this website to help explain. Nick Steglich is a man of many talents.  Nick enjoys art in nearly every form it comes.  Colors excite Nick.  Music moves Nick.  Motion envigorates Nick. Nick hopes to Nickify the entire world.  Nick wants his name out there and he is going to employ every tactic he knows. Nick is omnipresent.  Mostly, omni-looking-for-a-cute-girl-to-marry.  So here are soem links to Nick's social networking and dating site profiles.
  Nick has worked for UMass Amherst, Positronic Design, Gavity Switch, and a multitude of other freelance clients including Salem Cycle, Pedipress, Ferdie's Soccer-Magic,  and Bentley College Nick's friends and family mean everything to him.  Nick's sister Kirsten is absolutely one of the most intelligent and talented people he knows.  Nick's parents, Helmar and Nanine are the whole reason why Nick is so deeply steeped in the visual and technical arts.  They are wonderful people and Nick loves them with all he has. Nick's friends are like his family.  Matt Natti, Dan Shuman, EJ Dawson, Scott Gasper, Andy Gerard, Kate Ferris, Pearl Annis, Mike Golson, Jon Morris, Rick Burnett, Jeremy Waltz, Yan Campbell... Nick loves them all. There are several places where nick feels most at home; places where Nick goes to get away or feel stable or  get back to being Nick.  These are places like Mt. Pollucks, Mutti's House, Tuckerman's Ravine, Crocker Park, Mt. Auburn Cemetery and Salem Willows.

Contacting Nick

Contacting me is easier than you may think! Just stick your head out the window and scream, "HEY NICK!!! Nick steglich!!! Call me ya little fucker!" and I will hear you and call.

Or, next time you see me, yo can tie a piece of string to me. Make sure you keep the other end and whenever you wish to contact me, just attach an empty can to your end, speak through it and it will resonate through the string and my body, creating a giant walking, living speaker. Which, I guess, if you have anything private to talk about, isn't probably the best way.

So I guess you could send a carrier pidgeon. Or, better yet, a St. Bernard!!! Yes. but make sure he's packing mad rum, cuz, well... he's a St. Bernard and that's his job. Screw the message, I want the booze.

Err.. or I guess you could train a hamster - they're actually quite intelligent you know (okay, not really). You could give them the message disguised as a strawberry which they could then shove in their cheek pocket and smuggle over to me.


For the time being, the best way to contact me from this site is by calling me at 781.367.4262

Or you can get me through either Facebook or Myspace.

I am still working out the details of a hacker-safe, online contact form. Too many times have my email forms been spammed and I don't need more spam on top of the already 3000-5000 a day that I get now. I will be happy to return your calls, but I am often at work and get out at odd times, making it difficult to call back. So the social networking sites are probably the safest bet right now. I apologize and will work feverishly to get something a little more formal on here. Chances are, though, that if you are one of my friends, especially of those who are featured on here, you probably already have all sorts of ways to contact me!

This site is owned and maintained by Nick Steglich.  Nick reserves all rights to all materials posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Nick has many websites that all explain his various abilities and skills.  Nick's other main repository for his artwork can be located at
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