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The Many Nicks
This page was originally created to be a little test and challenge for myself to get to be the #1 found "Nick" on Google. This is a big task. There are so many more, world-wide-recognized "Nick"s on this planet. I kind of half-heartedly tried, and then gave up - creating a place for what I want to display online instead. This page, however, is to really just focus on me, while tying in some of the other, more famous "Nick"s out there.

I am Nick J. Steglich. I have a pretty strong internet presence, having been a website designer since the infancy of the internet. I was online before the "World Wide Web" even existed, on various bulletin board services - most notably, a great BBS called Argus, where I met a few close friends. So, I've been around. I also have a number of personal websites and accounts with various social networking sites. I have always thoroughly enjoyed the idea of being able to be found online, and so I have set out to be as visible as possible. This confounds a lot of people who value their privacy and shun the openness of internet accessibility. I understand that sentiment, and can see where what I am doing might be a little dangerous for my reputation - but I don't particularly care. The fact of the matter is that I started this endeavor with the hopes of being found by long lost friends - and it has worked to the point that I found my most dear friend from 1st grade, who is also soon-to-be the mother of my child. And while I happily put MYSELF out there for the world to see, I take other people's privacy very seriously. So... allow me to do what I want, and I will respect your choices as well.

This section is designed to market me and point you towards other endeavors of mine. Some are professional sites, some for the fun of it, and some are just my various accounts to help you follow me:

My Websites

  • - This is my professional resume and portfolio site. I try to keep the selection of my work to a minimum, which is often difficult as that I have SOOOO much stuff - much of which I think is really good work. So, that is yet another reason to have
  • - This site offers me a little more freedom to display what I'd like to, but its main purpose is to help me sell some of my artwork. My problem is that while I don't necessarily think anyone else would want my stuff, I do keep producing more of it, and frankly, I've run out of room to put it. So... anyone want to buy a painting, drawing, or some really cool etched glass- and metalware?
  • - This is/was my business website. It got hacked a little while ago, but I have been so busy with other work that I haven't really had a chance to get it back up and running again. So there really isn't anything there right now. This will change soon.
  • - I originally started this website as a precursor to many of the social networking sites that exist today. Its binary purpose was to help keep my vast circle of friends in touch with each other, and at the same time, help me to find long lost friends by giving their internet searches a focal point. Sadly, this site was hacked as well, and is down for the time being. This one will take me a while to get back up again.
  • Nick's Brew Review - This site is currently down for repairs, but should be back up soon. I basically review various craft brews that I have tried over the years, and try to approach it less from a snooty beer-snob's point of view, and more from just an average guy who likes certain kinds of beers and just tries new kinds for the enjoyment of it. Nothing pretentious.

Websites I am associated with:

  • - This is still in its infancy, but was designed as a present for my mom. She had a great idea to make cards that simply said "Love" on them, which could be given out to whomever you loved. Then, the cards could be passed along, 'spreading the love around'. I thought that it might be a cool idea to provide a website where recievers of the card could log their locations and maybe leave a little message to the world. I made up the cards, and had them individually numbered, so you could see where your token of love goes throughout the world. Kind of a neat idea... kind of like a chain letter with no consequences or guilt. Just love.
  • - This is my band's website which I created to help market us. Technically speaking, I'm not really IN the band. I only very occassionally play or sing in it. I am mostly the sound guy, and do the marketing, design, copyrighting, CD production, blah blah blah... The band is really cool though, offering a new and ecclectic sound which we call "Didgeridoograss". There are audio samples available on the site, so come check us out, and definitely come see us live!
  • - This is just a little website that never really got its feet off the ground. I made this site for my buddy, Curtis, who dragged me, kicking and screaming, back into the world of skateboarding - a sport that I loved as a kid, and apparently still do. The website was going to be a skatepark review site, with a small online store and some photos and articles about skateboarding. It all would revolve around Curtis' central philosophy and mantra - For The Love Of It!

Links to some of my social networking profiles:

St. Nick
In the spirit of Christmas - which will be happening shortly - I decided to pick out Santa Claus as my next most famous "Nick". I actually exploit this fact every year on my much beloved "St." Nick Christmas cards, which I send out to friends and family. My mother started drawing her family Christmas cards so many, many years ago - and I always thought it was such a cool idea. So much better than some generic Thomas Kinkade print or something of the sort. After learning Photoshop, and realizing I could have a lot of fun turningt myself into that jolly old elf with it, I started making my own yearly cards. They started off as hand-drawn silliness, evolved to digitally-produced scenes that I printed on my home printer on cardstock and hand cut, to printouts on greeting card paper, to finally skipping the work of it all and having them printed by a really great and inexpensive printer. I can actually get them printed, scored, folded, and sent to me with envelopes for less than I could have made them myself! And they are full-bleed and really great quality. But all of the "St." Nick cards and messages have been designed to be humorous - and more often than not - a way to make fun of myself and various events from the past year. Good times.

But while I will never disclose the design (give for 2 isolated incidents) for the current year before you receive it in the mail - I did want to once-and-for-all provide a catalog of the designs and messages from years past. So without further ado:

"St." Nick Steglich 2016 Xmas Card
"St." Nick Steglich 2016 Xmas Card

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As we all know, 2016 was a horrible year (give for a few markedly joyous moments). After losing so many important people and dreams for the future, "St." Nick feared that it was pointless to continue. But rather than cut and run, cry about it, or have to take a day off to recover from the election, he decided to make good on his promises and live up to his responsibilities to bring holiday cheer to all of his friends and family.

Regardless, "St." Nick thought it prudent to have a plan "B"... ya know, just in case. So he set forth on a quest to better himself by losing some of that milk-and-cookies-left-on-the-mantle weight, and better his situation by fixing up his workshop, with the hopes of selling it so he can move closer to the people and places he cares about most. With a lot of help from the "St." Eglich family, plus his crew of mini-clone elves, he has come a long way towards that goal and is looking forward to a brighter future. And, with "St." Kiera taking charge of everything she sees anyways, he figures she'll be taking over the 'family' business soon enough and he and his magical rein-kittehs can finally retire, finish his book, and become famous as an elf-published author.

Happy Holidays &
May Your 2017 Be So Much More Than Just Another Year!

"St." Nick Steglich 2015 Xmas Card
"St." Nick Christmas Card 2014
"St." Nick Steglich 2013 Xmas Card

After numerous failed attempts to find a “St.” Girlfriend on sites like elfHarmony, SDate, Dashr, Dancr, Prancr, VixN, and of course, OKCupid - “St.” Nick finally found someone to help him deliver his holiday cheer. It was actually by way of a couple of friends who knew that “St.” Nick was looking and therefore pitched him to her by stating, “He’s jolly, has a team of flying rein-kittehs, and was exceptionally cute as a young elf (further proof that his own wee-elf was a super cutie).” And it worked!

Meanwhile, back in the North Pole, “St.” Kiera has been hard at work, picking up the slack for her dada while he is off enjoying his new relationship. Through careful consideration and a strict vetting process, it has been decided that the children of the world will exclusively be getting LEGOs and ducks this year - two things that are known by her to bring immense joy.

Regardless of whether you get ducks, LEGOs, or a great partner to spend your time with this year, we all hope that it will be filled with happiness, health and all the love that you can handle.

Happiest of Holidays!

Proud and happy that he finally has someone to take over the ‘family business’, “St.” Nick wasted no time in training “St.” Kiera how to drive the sleigh - including the nuances of calling the rein-kittehs on… “On Izza! On Raja! Skyward we go! C’mon chubby kitteh, you’re pulling too slow!” But after a few failed attempts - only “mah bah ah laa la laaa” and a couple of shrill squeeks, it became apparent to “St.” Nick that his pupil was growing weary of her training. It came as no surprise for “St.” Nick to learn that she preferred to take her own path, and instead wanted to lead the team as the first ever baby rein-giraffe! At least she has cute, fuzzy antlers!

Hoping your holidays are filled with as much warmth and love as has ever been - and that your sleigh will be guided by the brightest of lights, as mine surely is.

With all of the precious, new little helpers being born this- and next year, "St." Nick thought it prudent to install a sleigh-set in hopes that he will be able to take them along on his magical journey when they are old enough. Unfortunately, these new-fangled, 5-point-harnessed, can-withstand-re-entry, robo-baby-seats are harder to figure out than they look. But "St." Nick is a firm believer in the phrase, "If you can't fix it, duct it... if you can't duct it... totally freak out, and fly down to the fire station to have them install it for you!"

...and while you are there, it doesn't hurt to get some advice on how best to extinguish a fire on your backside after climbing down someone's chimney!

Sending my love & best holiday wishes to all of my friends and family out there... and especially to all the little ones who make our lives so very special and complete!

2012 "St." Nick Xmas Card - End of Days
2011 "St." Nick Xmas Card - Bigger is Better
2010 "St." Nick Xmas Card - Family Employees

In anticipation of "The End Of Days", "St." Nick spent a few days this summer "learning" how to surf. By "learning", I mean: "standing in the water, taking pictures of his friends while he was silently getting pneumonia". Regardless, this training was crucial in his quest to prepare for the inevitable, world-wide floods and ensuing choas. His only thought was why his magical rein-kittehs chose to take the free ride, and didn’t offer to fly him to safety! Note to “St.” self: 1) Wear a damn wet-suit, and 2) have a serious discussion with rein-kittehs over proper end-of-days protocol!

Happy Holidays to All! And to All, Surfs Up, Dudes!!!

After losing a number of “St.” Nick’s head S.T.E.G.L.I.C.H.’s (Specifically Trained Elves for Guaranteeing Love In Children’s Hearts) this year, he has had precious little time to prepare for this holiday season, let alone anything else. So this year, he thought it best to gather himself together and focus on rebuilding - like increasing the resale value of his workshop, finding the ULTIMATE Christmas tree, and training some new recruits like the most recent addition to his family - Raja, the wet-nosed, rein-kitteh. Hopefully by this time next year, he will be ready to send even more happiness, love, cheer, and all good things your way! Until then - Happy Holidays to all!

...And on a personal side-note, I would very much like to congratulate the multitude of my friends & family who this year got engaged, married, had children and/or found love. I wish you the most wonderful and special holidays of them all! You are always in my heart...

"Oh yeah..." thought "St." Nick, "Because 14 naps already today wasn't enough. This is why you don't hire family - they always take advantage of the relationship, demand extra pettin' (especially on the tummy), and feel like they can be even lazier than working-kittehs! We'll never make it now... but I bet if I sent an elf to every house to run the electric can opener, we'd make it in no time!"

In any case, even if you have to work with them too, we hope that you and your family have a wonderful, peaceful, restful,
and altogether happy holiday!

All love, "St." Nick and Izza (aka Dusty McRollaround, Mini-Kitty, Zack)

2009 "St." Nick Xmas Card - New House
2008 "St." Nick Xmas Card - Election Night
2007 "St." Nick Xmas Card - The Workshop

Due to the struggling economy forcing housing prices down and heating costs up, “St.” Nick decided it was high time to move from the North Pole to a more temperate area, and to a place he could call his own. And while it wasn’t exactly what he had envisioned from his research on, he knew that with a little elbow grease, the army of cloned worker elves that he created back in 2007, and a little imagination, it will turn out great! Now where to put those reindeer?!?!?

Hoping your holidays are
the greatest yet!

Given the limited choices for president this year, and fearing a similar, repeat performance after the last election, "St." Nick decided to take matters into his own hands and run for office. Unfortunately, his policies on employing "Clean Coal" technology only for bad kids who bathe regularly, his statements about "Spreading the Elf around" and his plans to create a Universal Elf Care System were quite unpopular, even among his own demographic group in the North Pole. This left the political
landscape completely devoid of any Green/Red states this year.

"St." Nick for president in 2012!!!

Happy Holidays and
Warm Wishes for All!

After numerous, failed attempts at outsourcing to elves overseas, where standard elf pay is 1 sugar cookie and a small jar of laughter (versus the current local rate of 10 sugar cookies, a large jar of laughter and a 401k plan), "St." Nick finally decided to develop a cloning procedure which produced miniature copies of himself to do all the work. They are reliable, their small size makes it less likely for them to revolt, and the only pay they require is the knowledge that you all have a very, VERY happy holiday!

Love to you all this holiday season!
2006 "St." Nick Xmas Card -
2005 "St." Nick Xmas Card - Lump of Coal
2004 "St." Nick Xmas Card - Pigs Fly

This year, “St.” Nick spent most of his time on - a sensational new website dedicated to finding old elves, maintaining “Who’s Naughty, Who’s Nice” lists, and keeping in touch with friends and family, such as Rudolph who is still flying for the Air Force in Operation “Red Nosed Reindeer”. Fortunately, “St.” Nick can get a broadband connection in the north pole from his patented DSL (Deer-Satellite Link) service.

Happy Holidays & Warm Wishes for All!

This year, with many of his friends being far away, and with little else to do, St. Nick thought it would be nice to spread his holiday cheer by distributing presents to the fine folks who run this country. It’s about time, he thought, that these people are recognized for their selfless acts of compassion!

Happy Holidays & Warm Wishes for All!

After witnessing the impossibilities of 2004 (the Red Sox winning the world series & W. actually managing to hold onto the presidency), "St." Nick feared that the miracle of Christmas would be somewhat less miraculous in comparison. So this year, he decided to stay inside, law low, and focus on hiring a new 'Rudolph' for the upcoming season.

Hope your holidays are miraculous & filled with joy!!!

2003 "St." Nick Xmas Card - Deer Force One
2002 "St." Nick Xmas Card - Bad Kids
2001 "St." Nick Xmas Card - Alternate Delivery Methods

This year Rudolph decided that he would fulfill his instrinctual ego and quest for dominance - not by scraping his antlers on a tree, or even by being the Top Gun for "St." Nick anymore. Nope, this year he figured that the best way to prove himself was to pilot the raw force of an F-15 fighter jet and feel the wind in his antlers.

Happy Holidays!

St. Nick called it quits today when he realized that kids these days just aren't as sweet and innocent as they used to be... especially not this one!

Happy Holidays!

Fearing that reindeer are not Y2K compliant, and with the projected inflation of reindeer maintenance costs over the next year, St. Nick turns to a more conventional, hip and "fun" method of delivering presents.

Happy Holidays!

2000 "St." Nick Xmas Card - Alien Abduction
1999 "St." Nick Xmas Card - "St." Pimp
1998 "St." Nick Xmas Card - Realizations

This is "St." Nick... Been abducted by my not-so-evil alien twins... Send help or Christmas might be done for... Monetary contributions a plus. Transmission Out.

Just wanted to send you some holiday cheer and wish you and yours very happy holidays...

If only "St." Nick had been born St. Pimp, then he could deliver mad-fly hoochies to all the little kiddies instead of the same old, boring toys every year!

Happy Holidays

Little Susy's dreams were crushed when she realized that St. Nick had lied to her about teh validity of his new, replacement 'reindeer', Ralph.

Happy Holidays!!
Clearly, the preeminent "Nick" out there has got to be the TV and internet giant, Nickelodeon, or Fortunately, along with countless other great shows that I have loved throughout the years on Nick, my most favorite show of all time - The Avatar - is a Nickelodeon show as well. This has relevance to me.


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